Tuesday, June 28, 2011

another double page

firstly, apologies for the poor quality of the photo - was hard to capture these colours correctly. These photo booth pictures were taken at last years work xmas party. They supplied the photo booth for everyone to use on the night and boy oh boy, did we use it!! It was so much fun (especially trying to squeeze 4 people into it - unsuccessfully!) But none-the-less I have completed yet another double layout - yay for me!!

Thanks for looking

Saturday, June 25, 2011

white with 1 challenge - June

This is my first entry for the White with 1 monthly challenge. Junes challenge is white+red+circles or spots.
I had to give this one a go because Tahlia's favourite colour is red and have been waiting to scrap a page of her based on these colours, so what better time than for this challenge.

thanks for looking

great night out

had yet another creative night out scrapping last night. I'm finding I have been creating some really great pages on these nights - and yes, another double page!!!! I have even completed a challenge page which I will share very soon. 6 of us went along last night, lots of laughs were had. Wont be able to go again for a month now, but have a few plans before then!!
Back real soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

kids arguing?

Not a normal scrappy post from me today.....
I wanted to find out if anyone else out there has the same issue I am having. Do your kids fight with each other of a morning?
Mine don't do this every morning, but when they do, it really drives me nuts and then makes us run late!!!
They usually only argue or fight over the tiniest little things, like one of them has touched something of the other ones!!! or they change the channel on the TV and the other wanted to watch the other program....GEEE, it gets a little annoying after a while. The arguments take over what they should be doing.
Then I constantly have to ask them to get dressed, put shoes on, find school hats, brush teeth etc etc. All while I am trying to pack bags and make lunches as well as get ready myself.
I am sure I am not the only one this happens too?
Please leave a comment and let me know I am not on my own!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

more creating

Another Friday night of scrapping with the girls. Didnt go for as long this time, but still had 4 hours of scrapping time, which is more than I would usually get in a month! I managed to complete 2 pages plus a double (Can't believe I'm actually creating some double pages, as I find them so hard. But being surrounded by double page ideas in the store is really inspiring)but by creating these I'm actually getting through some photos.
This first one I finally tried some paint on bubble wrap and like the effect. A photo of me and the kids in the pool on a very hot summers day.

And I really love how this one turned out. This was taken last May at the movies. I seem to be using a lot of Orange in my cards and layouts lately, not sure why, but love this page.

And lastly, here is the double page from a work Xmas party a few years ago (had way too much to drink, which may be obvious) but so glad I finally scrapped these photos.

Thanks for looking
(till the next Friday night scrapathon)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new scrap pages

Last Friday night I went with a friend over to Scrapbook Cottage for 6 hours of un-interrupted scrapping! Had such a good time and got quite a bit done. Here are some of the pages (there is one more but I will add that to my SU! blog). This one is from last Winter when we took the kids to a local shopping centre as they had set up a mini ice skating rink. Aiden struggled a bit and needed our help, but they both loved it. I actually used quite a few photos on this page, so if I keep going to these Friday night scrapathons I might end up seeing my photo stash decrease!!! I must try and print more of my photos in this smaller size so then I can use more on my pages.

This one is from a recent family outing to Katoomba to see some waterfalls (I wanted to play with my new DSLR)

A quick page of Aiden listening to an ABC disc the year before he started kindy. (page uses Studio calico kit)

This page I'm also very happy with. I have been waiting for quite some time to scrap these photos from when we went to the Gold Coast almost 2 years ago. I had wanted to try ZORBING last time we went, but just ran out of time. SO this time I really wanted to try it. We weren't really sure how we were going to do it with the kids in tow, but when we got there, we realised kids cold go as well and yes, ours wanted to have a go. So Jason went first with both the kids, while I photographed and got some young girls to video it for me. After their go, it was my turn. The kids were allowed to have 2 goes, but Aiden didn't want a second go, so Tahlia and I went. This time Jason photographed and the young girls were happy to video again for me (and I in turn photographed their turn). It was so much fun (but over very quick) and I'm glad I had tried it. It was like being on a slip n slide (as we went in the ball filled with warmish water). Just very hard trying to get back out. Lots of laughs were had thats for sure. (I still need to add journalling to this page and I will write something similar to this post and use hidden journalling so it doesn't take up space on the page.

Thanks for looking,