Saturday, June 11, 2011

more creating

Another Friday night of scrapping with the girls. Didnt go for as long this time, but still had 4 hours of scrapping time, which is more than I would usually get in a month! I managed to complete 2 pages plus a double (Can't believe I'm actually creating some double pages, as I find them so hard. But being surrounded by double page ideas in the store is really inspiring)but by creating these I'm actually getting through some photos.
This first one I finally tried some paint on bubble wrap and like the effect. A photo of me and the kids in the pool on a very hot summers day.

And I really love how this one turned out. This was taken last May at the movies. I seem to be using a lot of Orange in my cards and layouts lately, not sure why, but love this page.

And lastly, here is the double page from a work Xmas party a few years ago (had way too much to drink, which may be obvious) but so glad I finally scrapped these photos.

Thanks for looking
(till the next Friday night scrapathon)


  1. awesome layouts Donna, I wish I had someone to scrap with, but my girlfriends have giving up scrapping. Its great sometime to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and gosh I have scrapped in a scrap shop in ages. I should before my local closes at the end on the year. :( great work ;)

  2. thanks Kylie-yes, it is great to have some friends to scrap with, not only for ideas, but for the company and the laughs! And actually getting out of the house to do it is even better